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do you think Tim Berners Lee stays offline out of fear of what he's created

Good: just leased a rather large VPS with tons of resources for me to play/work with for personal and friend projects.

Bad: .... is there such a thing as Internet Janitor writer's block? Can't properly decide what to do with all this space now.

Hey, I was geekdolan on the bird site. We should communicate directly, I'd be happy to donate resources and my time to provide you a server.

#Introduction Labels time, I guess! I don't normally use this many # s, but this is the exception.

30-something #Queer #Socialist #Author with #EDS, #Migraine, and other #disability. She/her, they/them is also fine.

πŸ’œs #PunkRock, #DisasterMovies, a grey-purple color that has no name, #Discworld books, and #Birdwatching to chill tf out.

Furries and code nerds welcome.

All subspecies of fash, GTFO.


I still firmly believe we need to reclaim web 1.0 and the good bits of 2.0; build a website, write a blog, follow each others’ RSS feeds, and help each other to do so

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omg so

thanks to tvtropes i learned about this racing game called "buck up and drive"

it has pride flags on some of the billboards during races

there's an option to toggle them off


trying to turn them off doesn't actually get rid of them

instead, it turns EVERY billboard into a pride flag


request for computer assistance 

@Aleums when you do get them, make sure each pair is in matching color sockets in the board. Old pair in blue, new in green or such

request for computer assistance 

@Aleums if you only need to double, anything with "4gb 1rx8 pc4-2133p-ua1-11" of matching size should work. Ideally more of the same exact is best to match (Samsung) If you wanted more than twice, then you'd want to look at replacing instead. 2 sticks of 4gb look to cost about $45 ish total in most places US.

@a_lizard I thought it was about shoving seashells up one's rectum for the sake of neo socialism

@CaribenxMarciaX I have been following those that have replied to others or been boosted with posts that either were interesting to me, or witty. Your account looked like posts would be more than superficial nonsense and somewhere I could learn from. I requested follow only out of curiosity and hold no expectation. If you like, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

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