Any sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from satire.

if you're on mastodon you probably possess the sicko urge to run janky community tools yourself, so i present for your consideration: our small-scale self-hosted streaming platform:

I hope they invite Christopher Eccleston to Elizabeth's funeral

Imagine snuggling with your lover for the first time and trying to sleep and getting "You may not rest whilst enemies are nearby"

apparently building complex configuration management in Bash is "cursed"

and a pile of curses is witchcraft

so I guess I'm a devops witch then

Dear person who designed my computer tower with the power button on the top of the box,



Skellington whose cat has learned a brand new way to get their complete and undivided attention.

gaming shitpost 

Petition to rename "kill/death ratio" to "fuck around/find out"

Of course I believe in traditional gender roles: tank, DPS, healer, ranged

I swear to God if I'm alive for any reason it's to live long enough that 3D printing gets good enough that I can, in fact, illegally download a car

you all seem to like void! just so you know, I usually draw him doing what people suggests me :D
what should void be doing? β™₯ #MastoArt #art #mastodon

"Be careful this Halloween, hackers are distributing candy with embedded Linux systems inside!"

do you think Tim Berners Lee stays offline out of fear of what he's created

Good: just leased a rather large VPS with tons of resources for me to play/work with for personal and friend projects.

Bad: .... is there such a thing as Internet Janitor writer's block? Can't properly decide what to do with all this space now.

#Introduction Labels time, I guess! I don't normally use this many # s, but this is the exception.

30-something #Queer #Socialist #Author with #EDS, #Migraine, and other #disability. She/her, they/them is also fine.

πŸ’œs #PunkRock, #DisasterMovies, a grey-purple color that has no name, #Discworld books, and #Birdwatching to chill tf out.

Furries and code nerds welcome.

All subspecies of fash, GTFO.


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